The standard packaging for the product shipment is polyethylene barrel - volume 51 liters with a screw cap.

The packaging is optimally adapted for the products transportation on long distances, resistant to mechanical damages and chemically neutral. The wide neck is convenient for product draining and subsequent washing of the barrel.

A barrel's size: the height is 610 mm x the barrel diameter is 387 mm

The product’s net weights in a 51L polyethylene barrel:

The minimum norm for shipment is 51L barrel.

The norm of loading for 51L polyethylene barrels in the standard 20” sea container is 281 pieces in 3 tiers.

The estimated density coefficients of products:

Kvass wort concentrate
Malt maltose syrup
Rye maltose syrup    1,41
Malt extracts     1,41   

On client request the products can be poured in:

- 200-liter steel barrels


- 1000-liter polyethylene bulk containers